John J. Morrison

Served aboard the USS Mississinewa AO144.
1960 - 1962

June 24, 2002
Many thanks for the info on the Fleet Oiler Mississinewa.  I learned early on that the AO designation was for FLEET OILERS and the ships were rigged for ship-to-ship transfer of products. A tanker was rigged for point-to-point transfer of products.
That USS stands for United States Ship (commissioned USN vessel) and USNS stands for United States Naval Ship (civilian manned USN vessel) Another interesting item - while the Mississinewa was officially a Neosho class oiler, she was also one of a kind. She had a Flag Bridge added to the superstructure and was the only one to have the extra deck, and she carried the SERVFOR6 flag for many years being homeported in Naples, Italy.........I reported on board in November, 1960 and departed in November, 1962.

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