USS Mississinewa AO-144

....AO-144 History....

.....Named after: MISSISSINEWA RIVER

..Neosho Class

Super Tanker Commissionings
De-Commissioning via PANAMA
by John J. Morrison
Call Sign: "NBSZ"
Voice Call Sign: "Gaytime Whiskey"


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The Mississinewa FOG HORN was a Kahlenberg Triton S-120.  It is a piston type horn. The motor is a dual voltage 220/440 3 phase A/C. The piston sets a column of air on top of it, creating the deep sound. The horn weight is close to 500lbs. These horns are usually seen on Aircraft Carriers. Special thanks to Charles Gillespie for demonstrating this horn.

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Plan of the Day 1968
PLANS of Neosho Class Oilers