Richard Jahr
from Michigan

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Served aboard the USS Mississinewa AO144.
late1966 - early 1969

May 1, 2003
I Boarded at Melville and two days later we were on our way to the North Atlantic Portsmith England as I remember it. Two years and tons of memories later I left her in Naples and a trip home. One of the greatest experiences of my life.

Jan. 6, 2004
Great job on the pictures attached are 3 files, one is of me on the helo deck Sept. '67 naples in the background you can see the cameo factory on the hill , carrier unrep, and the America. Last is of high line all were taken during 67-68 Med cruise. I
have lots of port picture but unfortunately most are on slides, Which I never got around to converting to prints.

Jan. 13, 2004
Taken October 1967 6th fleet OPS in the Med, according to the notes I have This is a Russian Guided Missle Cruiser, It shadowed us for 3 days. I remember the co coming over the 1 mc and informing us the ship had volunteered for lifeguard duty during our refueling ops!

Jan. 15, 2004
While on a med cruise I believe it was in 68 we actually stopped I believe west of Malta with no apparent reason from the co when It was announced to man the starboard fueling station and the next announcement was stand by to receive the USS (can't remember the name) and a conventional sub popped up on our starboard side to take on diesel fuel, the crew of the sub came on board to buy stuff from the ships store and when she was refueled she submeged and we were underway again. It amazed me how strange events like that seemed perfectly normal at the time!!


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