Served aboard the USS Mississinewa AO144.
1970 - 1972

June 22, 2002
My name is Gerald.  Thanks for your e-mail about tankers.  I served as a Seaman on the USS Mississinewa AO144 in 1970 - 1972.  Although I'm 50 years old now, a father of 5 and a grand father of 11; it seems like just yesterday.....or at least last week anyway.  LOL   I did some deck force time in 2nd division and later I got into the supply division laundry and then into the barber shop as ships barber.  Barbering I liked.  We went to the Med. (twice), and GITMO (Cuba) for training twice.  We, at the time, were stationed in Newport Rhode Island where I moved to with my wife and child from L. I. , New York.  The "Missy" as they called her, was a slow girl at only 19 knots top speed and she shook at that with it's steam operation.  The newer electric, high hulled models were already in commission then.  I called her a floating gas station.  I've researched around and just don't find much on her.  In 1973 or so she got an overhaul in Northfork VA. and then went out for more sea time.  Now she is up some river I can't recall in a "moth ball fleet" condition.  Let me know what you can find.  Thanks Gerald

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