Fred Backstrom
SM 3rd Class
aboard USS Mississinewa AO-144

Email to Ed McMaughlin    6-22-2005

I just stumbled on the Fleet Oiler website, and saw all your input. 
I came aboard in Melville late in 68 and left in January of 70.  I had the pleasure of mucking tanks for a couple of days on the way to Boston for our stay in the yards. Imagine what the EPA would say about what happened to all that NSFO going over the side.
Had a good time there over the winter before our trip down to Gitmo.  Remember the time we got sideswiped by that white ship during a practice unrep.  I got the whole sequence on film from the starboard wing of the O5 level (flag bridge).  Good thing I was a skivvie waver with some time on my hands.  Maybe I can figure out how to turn my slides (300) into somthing I can post on the website.
You confess to being a BM.  Which division?  I'm guessing second.  I was in OPS, and we were right behind 1st, up forward.
I'll bet you remember the Thanksgiving Day unrep in the middle of the Atlantic. Kind of choppy.  We had to top off that group of tin cans that we were in company with on our way back from the Med in 69.
Fred Backstrom SM3
Bay Village, Ohio

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