Traveled with
 USS Taluga AO-62
During WWII in Pacific.
Panama Canal


USS Aucilla AO-56 underway about 1944
2012 Reunion

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The Aucilla River arises close to Thomasville, Georgia and passes through the Big Bend region of Florida, emptying into the Gulf of Mexico at Apalachee Bay. The river is 75 mi long.In Florida it forms the eastern border of Jefferson County, separating it from Madison County on the northern part, and from Taylor County to the south. The lower part of the river disappears underground and reappears several times, and is known as the Aucilla River Sinks. The Aucilla River is a rich source of late pleistocene and early holocene animal bones and human artifacts, and is the subject of the Aucilla River Prehistory Project, which includes the Page-Ladson prehistory site.